Allen-Ear-Plug-Deluxe-With-Cord-And-Case-1/Pair A2293


NRR 24dB Supple polymer material. Comfortable for extended use.

    Hearing damage can be sudden, but more commonly it is a result of long-term, repeated over-exposure to noise. Common causes include loud musical performances, industrial activity, firearms, vehicles, and household machinery like lawnmowers and snow blowers. Protect yourself, and protect your hearing, by always wearing hearing protection when around loud or sustained noise. When used as directed, reusable corded earplugs from Allen offer 24dB of noise reduction, at the top of the performance range of EPA-certified hearing protectors. Yellow with an orange cord, they are inserted into the ear canal, where they expand to form a partial seal. Comes with a protective case.

    • Allen's Molded Ear Plugs with Cord are great for users
    • Reusable and made from supple polymer material, these ear plugs are comfortable for extended use
    • Reusable corded earplugs from Allen
    • Offer 24dB of noise reduction, at the top of the EPA-certified performance range
    • Earplugs are yellow and expand once inside the ear canal
    • Cord is orange, for easy identification and simple withdrawal
    • Comes with a plastic protective container
    • Always use as directed
    • Protect your hearing around motors, music, and loud or sustained noise
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